Customer: CPV Sentinel, LLC
Location: Desert Hot Springs, CA
EPC Contractor: Gemma Power Systems California, Inc.
Design Engineer: Mott MacDonald, LLC

Competitive Power Ventures’ (CPV) Sentinel Energy Project is an 800 MW generating facility based on eight natural gas-fired General Electric LMS100 combustion turbine generators operating in simple cycle mode. The project supplies quick-start peaking capacity, energy and ancillary services into the California Independent System Operator’s Los Angeles Basin Local Capacity Requirement area. The plant is equipped with selective catalytic reduction and carbon monoxide (CO) catalyst equipment to reduce plant emissions of NOx and CO, respectively. In addition, the plant utilizes a zero liquid discharge system to eliminate all liquid wastewater discharge from the site.

Notice to proceed was received on May 26, 2011 and the plant achieved facility substantial completion on May 7, 2013, more than three months ahead of schedule.

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