Owner: Energía Azteca X (Intergen)
Location: La Rosita Power Plant, Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
Contractor: Gemma Power Systems, LLC
Design Engineer: Bechtel Power Corp.

Gemma’s project scope consisted of the installation of three selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems for NOx control on three existing and operating heat recovery steam generators at the 1,065 MW combined cycle La Rosita Power Plant in Mexicali, BC, Mexico. The project also included the installation of three new continuous emissions monitoring systems and a common anhydrous ammonia unloading and storage system, plus all associated foundations, equipment, piping and pipe supports, instrumentation, integration to the existing plant distributed control system, power supply, and related services.

Gemma mobilized in January 2004 for the La Rosita SCR Project. The common anhydrous ammonia services and SCR installation for Unit C were completed on March 3, 2004 as scheduled. The SCRs for Units B & A were completed January 2005.

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