Customer: East Texas Electric Cooperative (ETEC)
Location: Woodville, TX
EPC Contractor: Gemma Power Systems, LLC
Design Engineer: Bibb Engineers

The ETEC Hilton Lively Renewable Power Project is a 50 MW biomass power plant fueled by chipped forest waste. The plant features a Shin Nippon steam turbine generator and a Riley Power advanced stoker boiler with integrated air quality control system (AQCS). The AQCS features Riley’s patented multi-pollutant catalytic reactor (MPCR) for low NOx, CO and VOC emissions control. The plant fuel handling system consists of two truck tippers, fuel hoggers, 30-day storage, two under-pile reclaim conveyors, two plant feed conveyors and two portable fuel hoppers.

Full notice to proceed was received on May 11, 2012. The plant was completed in September 2014, three months ahead of schedule.

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