Owner: Dominion Energy Brayton Point, LLC
Location: Somerset, MA
EPC Contractor: Gemma Power Systems, LLC
Designer / Engineer: Progress Materials Inc. / ESI of Tennessee, Inc.

The Brayton Point Ash Reduction Project (ARP) consists of a fluidized bed combustor facility which processes a feedstock of 42 tons per hour of high-carbon fly ash. The ARP reduces the inlet fly ash carbon content, allowing the resultant product fly ash to be marketed as a concrete constituent.

Gemma’s scope of work included the complete engineering, procurement, construction, start-up and commissioning of the project facilities, which include (in addition to the combustor facility) a 164-foot diameter product ash storage dome, a remote truck load-out station and extensive interconnections to the existing plant. Construction began on the Brayton Point Power Station February 2005 and was completed July 2006.

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