Customer: Invenergy Wind North America, LLC
Location: Henry County, IL
EPC Contractor: Gemma Renewable Power, LLC
Design Engineer: Barr Engineering / ECI

The 200 MW Bishop Hill Wind Energy Center consists of 99 General Electric 1.6 MW XLE (100m towers) and 34 General Electric 1.5 MW XLE wind turbine generators. Of the 99, General Electric 1.6 MW units, 49 are equipped with 100m rotors – making Bishop Hill the first project in the United States to utilize such technology.

Gemma’s EPC scope of work included the installation of roads, foundations, collection system, substation build-out and the erection of the 133 wind turbine generators. Foundation work was completed in the fall of 2011, with turbine erection in the spring of 2012. Commercial operation of the facility was achieved in July 2012.

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