Customer: Energy Solutions Consortium
Location: Brooke County, WV
Design Engineer: Sargent & Lundy

The Brooke County Power I project is an 830MW combined-cycle facility in Brooke County, WV. The plant design will be a two-on-one multi-shaft facility consisting of two General Electric 7HA.01 combustion turbine generators (CTGs), connected to two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs). The HRSGs will harness exhaust heat from the CTGs to generate high-quality, superheated steam. The steam will drive a steam turbine (ST) and steam turbine generator to provide additional electricity in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner.

ESC Brooke County Power will be able to access abundant regional natural gas by interconnecting to existing local natural gas pipeline infrastructure. The project will generate enough electricity to power approximately 700,000 homes. The power generated will be sold in the thirteen-state PJM Interconnection System (the grid) via existing transmission lines, which are in close proximity to the site location.