Customer: Balico
Location: Charles City County, VA
EPC Contractor: Gemma Power Systems
Design Engineer: Sargent & Lundy

The 1,650 MW Chickahominy project will feature three advanced class combustion turbine power trains and include air cooled condensers to limit water use.  Each power train will consist of one MHPSA M-501 JAC gas turbine equipped with evaporative inlet cooling, one triple pressure reheat steam turbine, one hydrogen cooled electric generator and one heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) equipped with supplemental duct firing capabilities, selective catalytic reduction technology for NOx, and an oxidation catalyst for CO/VOC reduction.

The project will be powered exclusively by clean natural gas. The site of the plant is located strategically between the rapidly growing economies of Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads – where electricity demand is expected to increase with the many data centers planned and under construction in the region.