About Hilton Lively Renewable Power Project

Customer: East Texas Electric Cooperative (ETEC)
Location: Woodville, TX
EPC Contractor: Gemma Power Systems, LLC
Design Engineer: Bibb Engineers

The ETEC Hilton Lively Renewable Power Project is a 50 MW biomass power plant fueled by chipped forest waste. The plant features a Shin Nippon steam turbine generator and a Riley Power advanced stoker boiler with integrated air quality control system (AQCS). The AQCS features Riley’s patented Multi-Pollutant Catalytic Reactor (MPCR) for low NOx, CO and VOC emissions control. The plant fuel handling system consists of two truck tippers, fuel hoggers, 30-day storage, two under-pile reclaim conveyors, two plant feed conveyors and two portable fuel hoppers.

Full Notice-to Proceed was received on May 11, 2012. The plant was completed in September 2014, three months ahead of schedule.