Gemma's Commitment to Quality

Renewable Power Gemma maintains a written quality program which is modeled on applicable elements of ISO 9000 and is designed to address and control the complex elements of engineering, equipment manufacturing, fabrication/erection, workmanship, examination, testing, packaging, storage, start up, and record documentation associated with utility-scale power projects.

When contract documents require the fabrication, assembly, or modification of code-stamped items, Gemma utilizes its ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code-certified quality control program for “A”, “PP” and “R” stamped applications. All projects use a three-tiered quality system approach to ensure construction-related activities are planned, performed, verified, and documented to assure compliance with contract documents.

Major subcontractors, special process vendors, and equipment suppliers will have effective inspection procedures/checklists to ensure compliance with the contract documents. Their Quality Manuals, procedures, and inspection/test plans will be reviewed and monitored by the Director of Quality, Site QC Manager, and Project Manager (as appropriate) and may include shop inspections and witness testing. Quality program requirements for testing laboratories will also be established as required using the guidelines set out in nationally recognized standards (e.g. ISO 9000, ACI, ASNT, ASME, ASQC, IEEE, etc.).

Gemma captures “Lessons Learned” during the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Start Up phases of our projects. These Lessons Learned are incorporated into Gemma Policies and Procedures including the Quality System. Site-specific quality plans contain a provision for listing the Lessons Learned applicable to the construction activity being monitored and are included in site specific training which is conducted by the Site QC Manager for the project's construction staff.