Our Vision

Gemma creates value for our customers by answering the challenges of building their energy facilities. We concentrate on executing a select number of Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) projects extremely well. We are passionate about applying our creative people, involved management style, entrepreneurial spirit, and open and forthright communication style to the intricate issues of building complex projects. By making each project our number one priority, we strive to set the Gold Standard for a great project experience.

Our Core Values

Do the right thing – Treat each customer with integrity.

Each Gemma employee makes a commitment to the Argan Code of Conduct. However, “doing” the right thing is an active step, not a passive one. We commit to act with fairness, trustworthiness, honesty, ethics, consistency and openness to our “customers”, whether those “customers” are clients, co-workers, vendors, sub-contractors, shareholders, members of the community, or any others with whom we interact.

Deliver on promises – Make and honor commitments.

Quite simply - do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. But equally important, Gemma employees have the confidence to make commitments, knowing our team will step forward and deliver on those commitments.

Communicate effectively – Be open and forthright, be firm and fair, and resolve issues swiftly.

No one likes surprises. Gemma believes that issues should not be allowed to fester. By communicating issues early, better solutions can be developed in order to lessen impacts to the project. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients, our employees and our suppliers and, therefore, seek to be fair in all our dealings while honoring commitments made.

Provide solutions – Use 360 degree thinking, plan and execute with a sense of urgency.

Gemma teams examine a problem or an issue from every angle; the more people looking at the problem or issue, the more potential solutions and potential pitfalls can be avoided. Identifying the best solutions in a collaborative team environment pulls everyone together towards a common goal to work together and solve the situation. Being able to implement the plan with a sense of urgency also aids in minimizing impacts to the project. Having the team’s assistance with the solution and planning, will aid in the urgency of executing the plan. We take pride in being able to handle the tough project with tight schedules and complex logistics. The goal is to treat every problem and issue, not just as a challenge, but also as an opportunity and part of the normal process of any project – “Answer the Challenge!”

Capture opportunities – Take ownership and be entrepreneurial.

Gemma’s beginnings were truly entrepreneurial, and that spirit carries forward to our staff and project teams today. Opportunities for success come in many forms. The first key is to recognize the opportunity, then develop the strategy to capture the opportunity, and give people the tools, confidence and responsibility to implement the solution to its successful completion.